About KaiserWear ™

KaiserWear is a leading fashion company, specializing in the business and sports clothing market. It was founded by M. Kaiser, who also co-designs KaiserWear's main clothing line, and takes an active part in leading the company.

Executive Staff

M. Kaiser

Mentor, Co-Designer

Before Mr. Kaiser's rich career in fashion and design, he has had a long career as a combat pilot and a heart surgeon.

He graduated from a special forces unit in 1970, in which he was responsible for some of the greatest, although covert, operational successes during the time

Idan Simon

President and CEO

Before leading KaiserWear, Idan was responsible for some of the greatest success stories in the business, among which are the Prada™ line, H&M™, GUCCI™ and more.

Zohar Zilberman

Chief Operations Officer

Rotem Yaari

Vice President, Marketing

Neta Degani

Vice President, Human Resources