Welcome to KaiserWear ™

KaiserWear is a leading fashion line led and co-designed by M. Kaiser, who is also the living and breathing spirit of KaiserWear.

Latest News

27/05/2009 The KaiserWear Triathlon

27/05/2009 T-Shirts

13/01/2009 Happy Birthay, M. Kaiser!

14/11/2008 KaiserWear Funds Nepal Dream Trip

Feel the Energy

KaiserWear fashion products that adjust to you and your lifestyle. Anywhere, KaiserWear.

    • ConferenceCall™ garments are best suited for the dinner-party aficionados, starting at $98.97

Get What You Deserve

KaiserWear targets young, powerful executives who also might be not so young and not so powerful. Fresh. Active. Powerful. Get KaiserWear.

  • MediaTeque™ sweaters starting at $101.99
  • Quality garment, suited for the office lifestyle

Complete Yourself

the KaiserWear™ Smell of Success™ line is the perfect way to smell as great as you look

  • Smell of Success™ eaux de toilette
  • Smell of Success™ eaux de perfum